Now that you have explored your sector, it is time to work with your team to make final decisions on which project you will present.

The NYCIDY Games requires each NYCIDY District to present the best sector project.

Each Sector Team will be responsible for preparing a presentation. Your Sector Team will present to your entire team first.

Your NYCIDY team will decide which of the 6 sector presentations is the best of all and that sector will present in the NYCIDY games in Week Six.

Your Instructor will share the Competition Rubric!


Second Place

$100 Gift Card

for each

Presenting Team Member

First Place

Beats Headphones

for each

Presenting Team Member

Third Place

$50 Gift Card

for each

Presenting Team Member

Important note: Awards are only given to the team members who present the final project to the judges and not for the entire group.

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Business and Information Systems

Health Services

Engineering and Technology

Natural and Agricultural Sciences

Human and Public Services