Guided Mindfulness Meditation

Guided Mindfulness Meditation

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Mindfulness is the awareness of “some-thing”, while meditation is the awareness of “no-thing.”

Mindfulness is the simple act of paying attention and noticing and being present in whatever you’re doing. When you are being actively mindful, you are noticing the world around you, as well as your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, movements, and effects you have on others around you. Mindfulness can be practiced anytime, anywhere, and with anyone by being fully engaged in the here and now.

Meditation typically refers to formal, seated meditation practice. There are many types of meditation — those that focus on opening your heart, expanding your awareness, calming your mind, experiencing inner peace, and the list goes on. Here are some examples:

  • Breath-awareness meditation
  • Body scan meditation
  • Guided meditation

Mindfulness Meditation is a connection of the two practices and elements of the examples above. This process helps to focus participants on their Circle of Control (Sphere of Influence).

The practice guides one to understanding that in between the stimuli of life and our response, that we each have the power to choose our responses. Further, when the focus is placed on the “Now,” we can use the power of presence to make compassionate, empathic decisions, to build trust, and to become grounded in a deep understanding of collective humanity and consciousness.

Splicing several types of mindfulness meditation philosophies, the Seven Habits continuum, and effective communication and conflict management strategies all couched in restorative practices.

For those with a strong faith – mindfulness meditation is complementary to prayer and contemplation.

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