Week Five: Going Farther Together


Okay, team – this week is going to fly right by, and as with all projects with a timeline and a due date, it will start to feel like there isn’t enough time left to get everything done!

The purpose of your work this week is to make decisions as a team so that when the Mayor gives your sector its budget, you can put your priority presentation together quickly and submit it for approval. Get it? Got it? Good? Let’s get to it!

Land Acknowledgment

In New York, we are on the ancestral land of the Lenape people.

We say this to acknowledge that, no matter when or how we personally arrived on this land, we each have a relationship to the life and the pain that this ground has been witness to.

Let us take a moment to reflect on the responsibility of that relationship.

Let us be stewards of this land and make a connection to it that allows us to leave it better off than when we arrived.

If you’d like to learn more you can go to these links to get a deeper understanding.

Tool ~ Mindfulness Check-in

Setting the Container – 

In our sessions together – we will always “Set the Container” and that means we will make commitments to each other on how we will work together.

Click the Group Commitments below to read through what to expect in our sessions together.

-You are here ~ Be present ~ Be Kind ~ Treat others how you want to be treated

-Embrace “The Circle Process” – As shared the way we work at NYCID is using the Restorative Circle – We will never force you to speak so understand you can pass and we expect that you will participate as you become more familiar with the how we work together.

-Let perfection go and share your experiences – We must work together and learn from one another in order for our process to be fulfilling.

-Remember impact over intention – As shared we often have the best intentions and we do not always realize the impact our actions have on others. When you get a reaction you were not expecting say “ops” and if you are on the receiving end say “ouch.”

-Notice our own biases and judgments – We all have them. Let’s not ignore them!

-Realize our privilege – It exists and is based on different seen and unseen identities we hold – we deepen our connections to one another when we acknowledge as much.

-Practice self-care and community care – Take care of yourself – when done right – you will take care of others!

Circle Up – Getting It Together

Be prepared to get right to the work this week.

Your circles will be with your sector focused teams.

Your contribution: Bring forth the ideas from your sector research, helping to decide on priorities, and building your presentation.

Pro-Action Plan Step Week Five (1 of 2)

Thoughts on Working as a Team.

You have now had three experiences where you needed to make contributions to a conversation where decisions were being made.

Consider how this process has been working for you and then on the “Thought Experiment” Page in your Pro-Action plan use the space provided to share your ideas.

Remember: you can choose any write your answers, or record an audio or video file to express your ideas.

Note: You will need to discuss your answers in our circles during our sessions together.

Sector Focused Budget Projects: Build Out and Present

We are sure by now that you’ve come to understand that for society to run efficiently and well, a lot of money must be dedicated to projects. So from green energy buildings and roads to art-filled parks, and from cutting-edge hospitals to schools with the best learning equipment, each year, our society has to decide where our money is spent.

Last week you again nailed down your priorities for the sector you are exploring. As you did last year, you then discussed those ideas with your team and decided on the most important ones. And now you need to pay for everything! You now know what’s important to you.

Important Note:

Use the information provided to you by the mayor to complete this step, and be reminded that you ensure that you can fund your priorities and explain why your team has chosen each line item.

Presenting your Budget Decisions to the District

For your budget to work, you must ensure that you get buy-in from your entire district. During this section, you and your Sector Team will present your priorities to the Mayor and the district.

Pro-Action Plan: Finalize

Pro-Action Plan Step Week 5 (2 of 2):

This week we want to ensure that you are finalizing your Pro-Action Plan.

Please do your best with each task and put in the effort which will allow your project to be showcased during the final week.

Also, be reminded that we want you to be creative and to really own your project.
Do your best and you might find that there will be some really cool prizes at the end of program for the best Pro-Action plan!

Here is a reminder of the tips:

  • Your reflections should be at least one paragraph long if you are writing them.
  • If you are taking a video or audio please do not curse or use any offense slang.
  • Let the Pro-Action plan reflect who you are – show us in pictures if you can!