Week Six – Full Circle

Here you are! In the home stretch! The final lap! The last week! Well, how about that? You blinked, and six weeks have gone by. So much has happened in such a short period of time, and now it is time for you to put in the last effort of the work we are doing together.

The purpose of this final week is to put it all together. To prepare your NCYIDY’s final presentation and ensure that you dotted every “i” and crossed every “t.”

As with all final decisions, we need to ensure we have all the information before submitting our final product. So be quick to build your District’s Presentation and ensure you have everything you need just in case something requires you to re-think things.

Let go one more time together!

Land Acknowledgment

In New York, we are on the ancestral land of the Lenape people.

We say this to acknowledge that, no matter when or how we personally arrived on this land, we each have a relationship to the life and the pain that this ground has been witness to.

Let us take a moment to reflect on the responsibility of that relationship.

Let us be stewards of this land and make a connection to it that allows us to leave it better off than when we arrived.

If you’d like to learn more you can go to these links to get a deeper understanding.

Tool ~ Mindfulness Check-in

Setting the Container – 

In our sessions together – we will always “Set the Container” and that means we will make commitments to each other on how we will work together.

Click the Group Commitments below to read through what to expect in our sessions together.

-You are here ~ Be present ~ Be Kind ~ Treat others how you want to be treated

-Embrace “The Circle Process” – As shared the way we work at NYCID is using the Restorative Circle – We will never force you to speak so understand you can pass and we expect that you will participate as you become more familiar with the how we work together.

-Let perfection go and share your experiences – We must work together and learn from one another in order for our process to be fulfilling.

-Remember impact over intention – As shared we often have the best intentions and we do not always realize the impact our actions have on others. When you get a reaction you were not expecting say “ops” and if you are on the receiving end say “ouch.”

-Notice our own biases and judgments – We all have them. Let’s not ignore them!

-Realize our privilege – It exists and is based on different seen and unseen identities we hold – we deepen our connections to one another when we acknowledge as much.

-Practice self-care and community care – Take care of yourself – when done right – you will take care of others!

Circle Up – How are MWe?

What was the most important thing you have experienced this summer?


Checking in with the Mayor

As you know, the Mayor is meeting with the Governor weekly about your budgets.

Be sure that your Sector Leaders keep an eye out for news from the Mayor this week.

Getting Ready for the Final District Presentation

One: Decide on Presentation Highlights

With your entire NYCIDY, you must decide on the best aspects of each Sector Presentation and then build out and record a highlight Presentation for your District.

Two: Decide on Sector Focus Leaders

Ensure that the presenters of your District Project represent ONE Sector Focused group member. This can be done by having a member volunteer or by a Sector nominating one of its members.

Three: Build Presentation

Decide on the best team members to build out the presentation for the District. As this is happening, the presenters should be practicing how they will present the project, and the rest of the district members should be creating virtual flyers and posters to present their NYCIDY District for the NYCIDY Games.

Four: Record and Submit Presentation

Record your presentation and submit it to the web portal that will be provided to your instructor.


Your Resume

You may know that to get accepted into SYEP when you turn 16, you will need to submit a resume when you apply. With this in mind, we want to help you begin to create your work history so that next year when you need your resume, it will be here for you!

Pro-Action Plan Final Step

Complete the prompts on the “Resume” page on your Pro-Action plan.

Be sure to include the following Work History, which you are welcome to cut and paste.

  • Work History:
  • Experience:
  • Description of Duties

Your Instructors will have a snapshot of everything that you have done with us this summer so you can add the information.