Youth Mediation

Youth Mediation

Young Adult Mediation

This program provides an opportunity for young adults in junior high school and high school to address conflicts with their peers that arise either within or out of school, before they turn into physical violence. These sessions usually take place at our center, but have also been held at other convenient locations. The mediators are staff of our center or trained volunteers.

Peer Mediation (Intermediate and High School)

Students are trained to mediate among their peers and encourage those in conflict to seek mediation before a conflict escalates to violence, thereby reducing violence in schools. New York Center offers mediation training to both teachers and students and offers ongoing mediation support for this program. Peer mediation sessions take place at the student’s school using trained and experienced student mediators.

Parent/Teen Mediation

Mediation has proven to be a useful tool in settling conflict between parents and adolescents. It can improve communication and help both parents and teens learn how to “fight better” so that everyone wins.

Truancy Mediation

Truancy is often a symptom of a deeper problem. Truancy mediation provides the student, the parents and the school with an opportunity to work together to develop a plan that assists the student in getting back on track in school and at home.


For more information on school related mediations please contact:

  • Elizabeth Bonici, Assistant Director, Conflict Resolution Services
  • Tel:  (718) 947-4036
  • Email:  [email protected]