If you are here it is because you were drawn to Engineering and Technology either by interest or because your CareerZone assessment revealed that you have natural skills, abilities, and talents which would make you good at careers which are related to this sector.

Breath and Body Check

Remember good humans – the one thing that will always help begin to focus on what you can control is your breath.

After you breath, spend a few minutes journaling, or using flipgrid, or just the voice recorder on your phone to get your thoughts out of your head.

First, return to your CareerZone Landing page and reorient yourself to the Engineering and Technology System Sector.

People in this field use technical knowledge and skill to assemble, inspect, design, maintain, and repair. They provide scientific and diagnostic skills to maintain and repair computer equipment, aircraft, automobiles, buildings, roads, bridges and manufacturing machinery.

Using the buttons below go to each of these websites to complete all the steps in your Week Five Proaction Plan.

Step One: On your Week Five Proaction Plan identify some of the top ideas, projects, or initiatives that are being intimated across the country.

Step Two: Consider what are 2 to 4 priorities that need to be focused on in your NYCIDY.

Some examples are to prioritize how NYCIDY will:

  • Heat and Cool Buildings?
  • NYCIDY install windmills, water mills, solar panels on each home/business so that appliances, computers and machines can be run efficiently?
  • Make energy free to each residential home?
  • NYCIDY create Green Transportation?
  • Consider funding Research of Renewable Energy?
  • NYCIDY engineer better roads?
  • NYCIDY design charging stations, instead of gas stations?

Step Three: Based on your chosen priorities, present one engineering or technology idea.

Step Four: Be prepared to present the following ideas for a sector-focused project so that your sector-focused team will together decide which project you will present for the NYCIDY Games.

A. Present an Engineering concept or solution that would help NYCID thrive and be sustainable.

Example: consider the beauty of buildings from the how to build a city video in Week Four.

B. Present a Technological concept or solution that would help NYCID thrive and be sustainable.

Example: Consider better ways to process waste or to prevent flooding.