Improving Lives, Together.

Right now, someone you know is embattled in a conflict they are not skilled enough to resolve alone.

A friend is fighting with a neighbor over a parking space or the trash. A loved one is facing the devastating choice of dropping out of school to pay the bills. A family member could be struggling to decide between a bad and worse job.

Right now, you know someone who needs NYCID’s help.

Communicating effectively through conflict is a cornerstone of healthy human relationships and thriving communities. For 50 years, we at New York Center for Interpersonal Development (NYCID) have nurtured people and helped them develop those skills which makes New York City move toward the goal of being a more civil and economically stable city for all.

Every day, we bring that vision closer to reality by providing youth, community, and professional development programs, each one emphasizing problem-solving, communication, trauma care, mindfulness and intercultural awareness. If not for NYCID’s services our community would not have a trusted ally in finding solutions to their everyday problems. Our neighbors would be at odds and have no choice other than arbitration; and our kids would not have mentors to help them through the tough stuff like failing out of school, homelessness, addiction, teen pregnancy, and dead-end jobs.

Serving New York Communities

We are based in Staten Island, a historically underserved borough, and operate throughout New York City.

Our teams are embedded in schools, courts, family spaces, and neighborhoods, becoming a part of daily life for many of the more than 10,000 New Yorkers we currently serve. Our approaches include numerous innovative mediation and conflict management services, dynamic workshops centered on personal and professional development, after-school enrichment programs, alternative pathways to high school completion, dropout-prevention services, essential skills training, entry level and advanced credentialing and job placement.

Our success stems from how we bring our conflict management expertise into our focus on youth and workforce development. Our conflict management approach leverages effective communication and addressing trauma and harm, while our youth and workforce development tactics help empower our kids through extensive social-emotional learning, goal setting, and personal leadership and essential skills training.

Nycid Is Improving Communication Everyday

0 Cases Mediated
to help resolve conflicts in the community.
0 People Trained
in effective communication, conflict management, and restorative practices.

Every day we are in our community helping people resolve their conflict through one-on-one mediations, conflict management and communications training. Each year we mediate more than 700 cases, and train more than 1,000 people in effective communication and conflict resolution.

Empowering Our Youth

Every Year

0 Children Helped
Every year over 5,200 “At-Promise” 4 to 24-year olds begin various programs with NYCID. Each of our kids get a fresh start. Thousands get extra support, some get a second chance at a high school diploma.
0 Diplomas Earned
Every year NYCID ushers over 2,000 youth to high school diplomas, grade advancement, credit recovery, and to a passing regents exam.
0 Job Placements
We propel more than 300 toward the completion of transformative mentoring programs; and provide more than 1,000 internships and job placements.

This is how we improve lives.

Our programs are designed to help a range of young people — many of whom find themselves out of school or work, or struggling with barriers to success that may include alcohol/substance abuse, teen pregnancy, exiting the foster care system or being justice involved — transcend their circumstances. In everything we do, we teach skills to communicate through conflict that are essential to empowering everyone to navigate difficult times and lead enriching lives; the young people we serve have a particular need for such skills, and our programs reach them at a pivotal time in their personal and professional development.

Our impact is visible in kids who see their full potential, in neighbors who understand one another, in families who manage to navigate troubled waters, and in elderly folks allowed to age with dignity.

Good Work Never Stops

Yet we can still do more.

As we enter our 54th year we are always learning always teaching.

Join us to help those you know and love, along with thousands of others who are trying to find a way through the tough stuff in life.

Together let’s improve their chances of achieving amazing things.

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