If you are here it is because you were drawn to Arts and Humanities either by interest or because your Career Zone assessment revealed that you have natural skills abilities and talents which would make you good at careers which are related to this sector.

First, return to your Career Zone Landing page and reorient yourself to the Arts and Humanities Sector.

People working in this field engage in literary, cultural, artistic, athletic, and entertainment activities. They interpret and communicate concepts and ideas through writing, painting, dancing, musical expression and a wide variety of other communication techniques.

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Pro-Action Plan Step Week 4 (3 of 3):

Exploring/Revisiting Your Sector.

Big Note: The directions on your Pro-Action Plan “Career Journey” Page will only show you the Number of Steps you have to complete. Please use these directions to complete the steps.

Step One: On your Pro-Action Plan, summarize the mission of each locale.

Step Two: Explore each of these spaces and work to identify 2 to 4 top priorities for the way that they each bring Arts and Humanities into their community.

Step Three: Repeat Steps One and Two for two additional locales of your choice. Locales must be reflective of Arts and Humanities. Be sure to include links to your locales of choice.

Step Four: Using the below questions to guide you, consider what your priorities would be for your NYCIDY:

  • What will Arts and Humanities look like at NYCIDY?
  • Will there be a brick and mortar location like a typical museum or art gallery?
  • What art will be featured? Will there be living exhibitions (for example; moveable art, relocated every month?)
  • Will NYCIDY residents be allowed/encouraged to decorate the city with art?
  • Will the Arts and Humanities activities be free to NYCIDY residents?
  • Will NYCIDY residents be able to take classes in Arts and Humanities?
  • What will these classes be – painting, drawing, dance, photography, sculpture, graphic arts?
  • Will HS students be evaluated for talent in the arts and then given free training in those disciplines?

Step Five: Using the link provided by your instructor, complete the Google Form to select how your sector should spend its revenue. Be prepared to present your ideas so your sector-focused team will together decide which line items will be included in your sector’s budget.