If you are on this page – it is because you are a RETURNING Participant.

If you are not a returning participant click here.

NYCID-izens! We have work to do! This year we will be building on all the great work you all accomplished! We will elect a government! We will make tough decisions about how to use the precious resources that each NYCID-Y will be given! We will solve enough tougher problems and make more difficult decisions! And as always, you will have lots of space to discover and #Become you wish to be!

As a reminder this site is where you will do all of your independent work each week. Your instructor will use this site in your group sessions (or huddles) as well. So we will all be on the same page!

We have changed some things to make your experience easier and more accessible!

For example, you will see prompts like:

When you see a prompt you must take action.

Catching on we hope?!

Let’s give it a try…

Welcome Video

Also, When you see our colleague pointing to an image on the site – you are to click on the image to get more information.

Communicate Through Conflict

Recall last year – you learned about your conflict styles. We are starting right out the gate with getting access to that information.

If you have access to your NYCID_Proaction_Plan_THREE from last year than your results are already there.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Copy “NYCID_Proaction_Plan_THREE”
  • Go to your email account that you used last year.
  • Access your drive
  • Paste NYCID_Proaction_Plan_THREE in the search and you should be able to locate it.

If you do not or cannot find it then please RETAKE THE INVENTORY.

Before completing this step, be sure to watch the video on how to save the results of your Conflict Assessment.

Once you are sure you understand how to save your results, click on the Institute of Peace Image and complete your 30 question survey.

Next – Complete Your Inventory

Click the Institute of Peace Image below to get access to the inventory!

Note: the questions are repetitive for a reason!

Next – Understanding the Pro-Action Plan

We know you are going to love us when you hear that there will be no back and forth this year with google documents. No copies or sharing or access requests!

We have invested in Digi-cation, which is a platform used in many colleges and professional training institutes.

This is another way we are able to prepare you for life and work in the future.

This is where you complete your Pro-Action Plan. It is a space for creativity and we are not going to beat you up with too many deadlines! It will be simple and easy to use.

Digication account information will go out the week of June 27th.

And remember when you see this prompt it will mean you have to take action and complete work on your Pro-Action Plan!