If you are here it is because you were drawn to Health Services either by interest or because your CareerZone assessment revealed that you have natural skills, abilities, and talents which would make you good at careers that are related to this sector.

First, return to your Career Zone Landing page and reorient yourself to the Health Services Sector.

People working in this field provide healthcare and support services to address the physical, mental and emotional needs of their clients. They apply scientific, technical, social, and interpersonal skills to diagnose and treat illnesses, document care, provide a therapeutic environment and maintain the health of their clients.

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Pro-Action Plan Step Week 4 (3 of 3):

Exploring/Revisiting Your Sector.

Big Note: The directions on your Pro-Action Plan “Career Journey” Page will only show you the Number of Steps you have to complete. Please use these directions to complete the steps.

Step One: On Your Pro-Action Plan research the above websites and write a summary of each initiative.

Step Two: After you explore the sites, review the videos to identify 2 to 4 top priorities for the way health care is being administered in these communities.

Step Three: Repeat Steps One and Two for two additional locales of your choice. Locales must be reflective of Health Services. Be sure to include links to your locales of choice.

Step Four: Using the below questions to guide you, consider what your priorities would be for your NYCIDY.

  • What are some Health Services that are essential to your NYCIDY?
  • Why were these services chosen for NYCIDY?
  • Will the services be free to NYCIDY residents?
  • Will these services be provided in a brick and mortar facility (hospital, clinic) or will the services be available via a mobile clinic? Or both?
  • Should students who show strong abilities in science be automatically placed into a Health Services sector learning track in HS?
  • Should volunteering in the NYCID Health Services sector be mandatory for all Healthcare providers?

Step Five: Using the link provided by your instructor, complete the Google Form to select how your sector should spend its revenue. Be prepared to present your ideas so your sector-focused team will together decide which line items will be included in your sector’s budget.