What time is it? Time to appreciate our team and all the amazing work they do! That’s right, it’s time for us to announce NYCID’s Team Member of the Month for April 2022.

Our Team Member of the Month for April 2022 is Jazmine Young, Advocate Counselor at Concord High School. Jazmine has done an incredible job throughout the month of April recruiting for SYEP. Whether obtaining documents from students or uploading them, she has been so reliable without needed supervision. She has shown NYCID’s core value of collaboration with both students and the rest of her team at Concord. She has been able to keep up with her normal caseload while still accomplishing SYEP goals. Even though some of these tasks were new to her, she worked hard to make sure everything was completed. Congratulations Jazmine, you earned it!

This month our executive team was able to present the award to Jazmine in person at Concord High School. Executive Director Michael DeVito Jr. Kicked things off by speaking, bringing up that some people in the room may not know what he was doing there. He went on to say that at NYCID we like to show appreciation for our team members and one of the ways we do that is through the Team Member of the Month award. DeVito then spoke about how the NYCID golden Dove flies over the entire organization and community. He then revealed the Jazmine would be receiving the award and she was so surprised and elated. After that Director of Workforce Initiatives Pavel Valera spoke about when he hired Jazmine. After the initial interview he knew she was ready to go and would be a rockstar with the students. LTW Program Director Allan Avidano then said that he was so proud of not only Jazmine, but his whole team for the way they have been recruiting for SYEP. Jazmine was so thankful, and appreciative to receive her award!

Keep it locked with NYCID to find out all the ways we continue to support our community, and team members!