It’s time to celebrate! Yes it is that time again where we announce our latest Team Member of the Month. For the Month of May 2023 NYCID’s Team Member of the Month is Jennifer Vasquez is a Group Leader at Bridge Preparatory Charter School during the school year and Is working at The Staten Island School of Civic Leadership (SISCL) for Summer Rising during the summer!

The ceremony took place at SISCL while the team was preparing for their day of Summer Rising. Executive Director Michael DeVito Presented the award to Jennifer while Program Director Louise DeMeo and Director of After School Programs Maram Salem watched proudly. The award included a certificate of achievement and a laser engraved glass dove symbolizing NYCID’s work for the community. The whole team was present and cheered after DeVito finished speaking. They congratulated Jennifer and agreed that she is great with her students and always puts a smile on everyone’s face.

Jennifer is resilient and is always able to adapt to any situation or problem as it arises. That is one of the many reasons she is being recognized as NYCID’s Team Member of the Month! Congratulations Jennifer, you earned it!