I’ve gotta feeling … that NYCID cares about our team members!

It’s that time again where we announce our Team Member of the Month for May 2022 is Chris Magurno, Community Resolve Program Coordinator. 

Chris has made tremendous contributions to our conflict management team throughout his time at NYCID. When he first joined our organization, he was brand-new to conflict resolution and now he has learned so much. He has transformed into a skilled mediator and facilitator within our community resolve initiative. Chris is an integral part of our training team, leaving no stone unturned. He is such an engaging and effective coach that he has been called upon by our community-based organization partners to help provide support for their programs. Chris has exhibited NYCID’s Core Value of collaboration by going beyond our organization to help as many people as you can. He continues to excel and take on more responsibilities, and that is why Chris Magurno is our Team Member of the Month!

The conflict management team gathered with senior management virtually to present Chris with his award. There were a couple of new parents on the call who brought their baby’s on and talked about how they have been working with new children at home. Once everyone was on the call the ceremony began. Communications Associate Adam Derer spoke about how NYCID values all of our team members so much and that is why we take the time every month to acknowledge someone who has gone the extra mile. It was revealed that Chris would be receiving the award, and everyone cheered! CEO Candace Gonzalez and Director of Conflict Management Elizabeth Bonici both congratulated Chris on his achievement and spoke about when he was hired and how far he has come since then. The call wrapped up with Chris thanking everyone and saying how much he loved working with his team.

Congratulations Chris, keep collaborating, and continue to improve lives!