Grab a jacket, it’s getting chilly outside! But not chilly enough to recognize the amazing work that our team members do! That’s right, it’s time to announce those who have gone above and beyond and are now being named NYCID’s Team Members of the Month for October 2022.

For October 2022 we have selected two team members to bestow the honor upon: Luis Crespo, Mentor at Port Richmond High School, and Andre Borders Community School Director at PS 78.

Luis has worked endlessly to support the refugee families at Port Richmond High School, he is unstoppable. He collaborated with DOE staff to provide translation services, support, food, and never-ending compassion to each member of these families. Luis has never hesitated to go into the community and assist, even with last minute notice. He exhibits NYCID’s core value of collaboration by working with PRHS staff to connect them with families in need. Luis has done all of the work with a smile on his face and empathy in his heart. 

Andre’s performance as the new Community School Director has been exemplary. He addresses every challenge proactively and completes all tasks in the most efficient manner. He is a team player who is both coachable and adaptable. Although the position can be overwhelming Andre constantly evinces a take-charge attitude and performs his tasks in a calm and collected manner. He exhibits NYCID’s core value of resilience through his demeanor while dealing with and responding to the school’s demanding population. Andre’s positive disposition has enabled him to succeed in this leadership role.

The teams from PS 78 and Port Richmond High School gathered virtually along with some of NYCID’s senior leadership team to present Andre and Luis with their awards. NYCID Executive Director Micheal DeVito Jr began the ceremony by speaking about how we love to take the time to recognize the extraordinary work that our team members do, and that we would not be able to accomplish our organizational goals without each and every one of them. He then announced that Andre Borders was the first of two to receive the award for October 2022. PS 78 Principal Jodi Contento spoke about how thankful she is for Andre and how his calm attitude makes him a great leader. She went on to say that he has become a role model and even a father figure for some of the students.

DeVito went on to speak about the Port Richmond team and how he has been hearing great things from Principal Andrew Greenfield. He then announced that Luis was the second and final Team Member of the Month for October 2022. Luis said that he would not have been able to accomplish all that he did without the support of his fellow team members. NYCID CEO Candace Gonzalez said that even though she does not have direct contact with the two awardees she is super appreciative of everything they do. Lastly Associate Executive Director of External Development Michael Candella said that he is thankful for both Luis and Andre and they are leading the right way 100% of the time.

Congratulations Luis and Andre, you both earned it!