Who’s ready for something big? Well get ready, because it’s time for us to announce our latest Team Member of the Month! NYCID’s Team Member of the Month for February 2023 is Brian Benevento, Assistant Director of Court Programs from our Conflict Management Team.

Brian is a consummate professional. He is organized, diligent, and kind. As NYCID’s partnerships have grown, and changed Brian has been flexible, committed, and ready to meet new challenges. He is a skilled and sensitive mediator who is present to the struggles of the parties he works with while being keenly aware of the dynamics in the room. Brian is a teacher, coach, and mentor who gives feedback in a way that encourages new mediators to stretch and grow, while assuring them they have what it takes to learn the craft of mediation. He exhibits NYCID’s core value of collaboration by being the key to growing our court partnerships into Surrogate and Supreme Court and working to continue to develop our staff and volunteers. Brian is a collaborative team builder who shows thoughtfulness, optimism, and commitment while continuing to build mediation centers across the city and state.

The Conflict Management team gathered virtually with other key NYCID leaders to present Brian with his award. Executive Director Michael DeVito began the ceremony by speaking about how we have been gathering to present these awards for 4 years now, and even though we have been doing it for so long, it doesn’t make each award any less special, or memorable. When Brian was announced the whole team cheered and he imparted some words of wisdom and graciousness. Brian said that you should find something that you love doing and it will become effortless. Since he retired from his first career he has been mediating and loving it! He also made sure to thank his team because he couldn’t have done it without them.

Congratulations Brian, you earned it!