A new year, a clean slate. As most of you know we here at NYCID love to take the opportunity to recognize the amazing work that our team members do. With that sentiment in mind, let’s take things back to 2022. Last month Margie Mohamed, Site Supervisor at our PS 62 Afterschool Program was named Team Member of the Month for November 2022!

Margie is loved by all of her students and coworkers. The enthusiasm she exudes when creating projects for her students to work on is endless. Her inventiveness and imagination constantly exposes her students to new things that keep them engaged. One project that Margie spearheaded is the knitting club. The students learned a new skill and seniors in our community received priceless gifts. Margie’s efforts make the students love coming to the program each day. Margie exhibits the NYCID core value of collaboration, ensuring that the ideas of her staff are valued, and they are involved with the creation and execution of daily projects. Congratulations Margie you are a team player, and someone who cares deeply about NYCID’s mission!

The ceremony for Margie’s award was a bit different from our normal Team Member of the Month celebrations. Students gathered in the PS 62 cafeteria and awaited Margie’s arrival while the NYCID senior executive team joined electronically on the smart board. When she walked in the students yelled “surprise!” and began chanting “let’s go Margie!” With tremendous excitement! After the room had settled down Executive Director Michael DeVito Jr presented Margie with her award and spoke about how deserving she is and that NYCID is lucky to have her making a difference each and every day. After that Margie thanked everyone including her students and her staff for always being there for her.

Congratulations Margie, we wish you all the best in 2023!