Who’s feeling the vibe? The vibe that our team members bring into their work every day! That’s right, it’s time to announce NYCID’s latest Team Members of the Month.

For March 2023 we decided to do things a little differently. There is so much great work going on in our programs that we couldn’t just pick one person, we are honoring three of our extraordinary team members! That’s right, our March 2023 Team Members of the Month are Jasmine Jones, Crystal Eiley, and Rasjhid Jones-Pivotte. 

These three mentors worked so hard to make sure all of their students were taken care of. Jasmine does work in multiple schools including PS 31, IS 49, PS 84, and MS 85 showing passion and care to each and every student. Jasmine teaches social emotional learning strategies and helps students prepare for their future, build self confidence, and be their best selves. Crystal is a mentor at PS 44 and also shows passion by helping her students use social emotional learning. Crystal helps students identify their feelings, understand and communicate with others and make good empathetic decisions. Crystal shows NYCID’s core value of recognition with the impact she has had on students, her creation of a safe environment, and her ability to connect with others. Rasjhid has shown a stellar, professional, and diligent work ethic across his multiple sites in District 75. Whether it is middle school or high school you are able to connect with students and form the bond of a father or big brother figure in their lives. You have shown NYCID’s core value of recognition through, among other things, creating a basketball team to showcase your students talents. These three have worked so hard for this!

Crystal, Rasjhid, and Jasmine gathered virtually along with the rest of their team for what they thought would be just another team meeting led by Associate Executive Director of External Development Michael Candella. NYCID CEO Candace Gonzalez and Executive Director Michael DeVito joined and spoke about how we love to honor extraordinary work. DeVito then announced that there would be three honorees this month for NYCID’s coveted Team Member of the Month award. Devito then presented the certificates below, with words that were written by the people who they work with everyday, showcasing how they are so dedicated to helping our community. Crystal, Rasjhid, and Jasmine were so grateful and appreciative everyone applauded and congratulated them.

Congratulations to you three, you all earned it!