This week we are taking another big step in our journey. You may have heard the famous quote, “be the change, you want to see.” You might know that Gandhi, the great human rights activist and spiritual leader is the one who dropped that gem of wisdom. What many people don’t know though: there is a lot more to that statement!

Together, you’ve all walked the road of self-discovery and you’ve discussed how societies function and debated what types of governments you feel meet the needs of the many.

Now, you together will start the work of building your city.


  • Test your ability to “work”
  • Understanding how to organize
  • Understanding how to process information and make choices

Do a Breath and Body Check

Watch this video!

Step One: Dontae Latson (the tedX Speaker in this video) illustrates community as everyday people coming together, having a sense of belonging, and supporting team leadership and individuals. He says it “takes all of us” and displays Tupac Shakur’s words, “I am a reflection of my community.”

Taking his presentation into account, and thinking about the Six Sectors, describe in your proaction plan a brief vision for a system centered around a group project.

Some examples may be: a series of community murals, an ongoing park beautification effort, a literacy improvement effort, and any other creative concept you have that can build community through the interests and talents of people coming together.

Note the strengths of people you’ll need to support it and some ways it benefits more than one need of a city.

To help you imagine how you might describe your vision, here’s a brief vision of a beach cleanup system.