It is Week Three, our good humans and as you start off your work, slow down a bit to do your Breath and Body Check.

We blinked and two weeks have gone by and now we are all together trying to focus on what is most important for week three.

And how do we do that?

Do we focus on what we have to do?

Do we focus on how we must do it?

Do we focus on when we need to do something?

Or should we start every day with Why?


  • Write your “Why” statement
  • Understand how to form habits
  • Identify your Conflict Style


Watch this video!

One of your goals for week three is to ensure that as you Build Your Rock, you come to see the importance of being able to state clearly (for yourself and others) what it means to wake up every day and Start with Why!

These efforts pay out in your paycheck on Friday July 30th.