If you are here it is because you were drawn to Human and Public Services either by interest or because your CareerZone assessment revealed that you have natural skills, abilities, and talents which would make you good at careers which are related to this sector.

Breath and Body Check

Remember good humans – the one thing that will always help begin to focus on what you can control is your breath.

After you breath, spend a few minutes journaling, or using flipgrid, or just the voice recorder on your phone to get your thoughts out of your head.

First, return to your CareerZone Landing page and reorient yourself to the Human and Public Services Sector.

People working in this field provide protective, social, education and community services. They provide assistance to individuals or families in periods of need throughout their lives.

Using the buttons below go to each of these websites to complete all the steps in your Week Five Proaction Plan.

Step One: On your Week Five Proaction Plan, explore the HS Programs above and consider how they might be more effective for High Schools in NYCIDY.

Write 1 paragraph of what you learned/liked most about each program, and how you might include those in NYCIDY High School.

Step Two: After watching the videos, above consider top priorities for the way that they bring a new spin to Human and Public Services.

Step Three: Using the below questions to guide you, consider what your 2-4 Top Priorities would be for your NYCIDY.

Human and Public Services:

  • What existing problems or issues would you like to address at NYCIDY?
  • Who will you serve/who will benefit most from Human and Public Services at NYCIDY?

Government and Civic Engagement:

  • What are some ways NYCIDY residents can help their community?
  • Should schools require mandatory community service for graduation?
  • Should participation in community service have a stipend? Offer HS credits?


  • What should High Schools look like at NYCIDY?
  • What special programs should NYCIDY HS have?

Step Four: Be prepared to present the following ideas for a sector-focused project so that your sector-focused team will decide together which project you will present for the NYCIDY Games.

  1. Create a new school that would help youth in NYCIDY succeed.
  2. Present a solution to a problem with a new public service.
  3. Create an Action Plan of at least 5 Key NYCIDY Initiatives/Projects and what those initiatives will look like.
  • Example: NYCIDY Clean Up Corps- Students will patrol (bi-weekly) all parks and open spaces to dispose of trash and beautify the areas.
  • Example of a Problem: Some folks don’t have enough to eat in town. Example of a Solution: Partner with local restaurants to gather unused food to provide to those in need.