What’s going on with NYCID these days? We still love and appreciate our team members and take every opportunity we can to show them. Get ready, it’s time to announce another NYCID Team Member of the Month!

Our Team Member of the Month for July 2022 is Kaitlyn Cruz, Group Leader at COMPASS 48. Kaitlyn has worked so hard this summer going above and beyond for her students. She has shown love and respect to her students, and in turn they show it back to her. She takes her students input into every lesson plan and activity to make sure their voices are heard. This makes student engagement go through the roof! Kaitlyn has shown NYCID’s core value of collaboration throughout her work this summer, working with other group leaders to make sure everyone is on the same page. That is why we are naming Kaitlyn as NYCID’s Team Member of the Month for July 2022! Congratulations Kaitlyn, you earned it!

The ceremony took place virtually on Zoom as Kaitlyn’s Program Directors and Senior NYCID staff gathered to present her with her award. Executive Director Michael DeVito Jr began the presentation speaking about how we always pull through as an organization. How we flow like water to get through and do what we need to do. That is why we recognize the people on the ground who get things done every day. DeVito then announced that Kaitlyn would be receiving the award and everyone applauded. Kaitlyn thanked everyone and said she wouldn’t have been able to do it without the rest of her team. Program Director Emily Marks then said a few words about how hard Kaitlyn has worked over the summer. Next Associate Executive Director Ivy Bilotti thanked Kaitlyn for putting in the effort and getting the job done. 

Congratulations Kaitlyn, now it’s time to tackle the school year!