It’s summertime and the heat is cranked up to 11. Guess what? We still show love to our awesome team members! That’s right, it’s time again for NYCID’s Team Member of the Month award.

For the month of June 2022 we chose to do something special. We are giving the award to two team members who have done amazing work. Congratulations to our June 2022 Team Members of the Month 21st Century Supervisor Nigel Wyatte and PS 16 Community School Director Kiara Brown.

Nigel and Kiara have both shown tremendous dedication to providing services to our families through various youth programs. They have altered their schedules this summer to make sure they were able to provide their participants with the best possible experience this summer. Kiara and Nigel both have admirable work ethic and gain the respect of those around them every day. They have exhibited NYCID’s core value of collaboration, working together on google docs, and in meetings both formal and informal. They have gone the extra mile for their students and given them an experience they will never forget! And that is why Kiara Brown and Nigel Wyatte are both being named NYCID’s Team Member of the Month for June 2022.

Our team of senior directors gathered virtually to present Nigel and Kiara with their award. After everyone had said their hellos the ceremony began. Communications Associate Adam Derer began the ceremony remarking about how at NYCID we are dedicated to making sure our team members feel appreciated and even though it is the summer we still continue this tradition. He then announced that for the first time in NYCID history we would be awarding two people with Team Member of the Month and those people would be Nigel Wyatte and Kiara Brown. Everyone applauded and Kiara said how appreciative she was to be able to receive this award right before she heads off for vacation. Nigel shouted out Tara Howard who was also instrumental in making the summer program run smoothly and Kiara echoed that statement. Everyone agreed that teamwork is what makes it all come together.

Congratulations Nigel and Kiara, you both earned it!