It’s time for another Team Member of the Month Award!

At NYCID we are committed to those we serve as well as being committed to our team members who get the job done every day.  That is why we take the time each month to honor one team member who has gone above and beyond in their duties.

For December 2020 we have chosen Kristy Rosendorf, Learning to Work Job Developer at Concord High School.  Kristy is a champion of Concord students.  She constantly is maintaining relationships with her students and their employers. She ensures that each student has a successful and productive job experience with their Learning to Work assignment.  At Concord students and staff alike are delighted to see Kristy’s face and know that they are able to put their trust in you, not only as an educator but as a friend.  She always keeps to her deadlines and makes sure the integrity of the school and program is of the utmost importance.  She exhibit NYCID’s core value of collaboration, by being willing to work with anyone, and being flexible.

Today we took the time to celebrate Kristy with a virtual award Ceremony with NYCID CEO Candace Gonzalez, Associate Executive Director Michael DeVito Jr., Concord LTW Program Director Allan Avidano, and staff from Concord High School.  DeVito began by speaking about one of NYCID’s core values: recognition.  How we must continue to recognize the valiant efforts of our staff because they are what makes our organization great.  Kristy was announced as December 2020’s Team Member of the Month and the whole room was overjoyed! Kristy thanked everyone and noted that she wouldn’t have been able to do it without her wonderful team.

Congratulations Kristy, and may you continue to improve lives!