Strap up everyone, it’s time for another NYCID Team Member of the Month award!

Each month we take the time to recognize a member of our team who has done extraordinary work and truly exemplifies NYCID’s core values.  It is important to us to let our team know that they are valued and appreciated for all that they do.

For January 2021 we have chosen Randy Brown, Restorative Justice Coordinator on our conflict management team. Although Randy has only been a part of the NYCID family for a short period of time he has been able to make such a large impact on our community.  Whether it has been the conflict management team, or  the students and faculty in the schools he serves, Randy is always there to lend a helping hand.  Although we have been remote since Randy started here at NYCID, and not many people have been able to meet him in person we have been able to learn about his great accomplishments.  Randy developed two professional development programs, hosted a dialogue for Respect 4 All Week, and held a conversation around the destruction of Black Wall Street.  Randy has shown accountability in his many roles at NYCID including facilitator, leader, planner, and writer and that is why he is January’s Team Member of the Month.

Today NYCID management and the conflict management team gathered virtually to congratulate Randy and present him with his award.  Due to technical difficulties Randy was not able to sign on to the virtual ceremony and everyone decided to leave after 20 minutes.  Soon after everyone had signed off Randy was able to join the meeting and was presented his award personally by NYCID Communications Associate Adam Derer.  Adam read the certificate (pictured below) and congratulated Randy for his award.  Randy announced that he was retiring and was thankful for his time at NYCID.  We wish Randy the best and are happy he was able to be recognized for the time he had spent as a Restorative Justice Coordinator at NYCID.