Lexie is from Staten Island and she loves to bake!

In January NYCID brought on several new super talented team members.

We are so excited to welcome Alexa Lotito to our team.  Alexa says she’ll respond to both Lex or Lexie and that she’s super excited to serve as an Advocate Counselor at our Learning to Work at Concord High School.

Alexa has a degree in Mental Health Counseling and told us, “I’m passionate about helping individuals make the slightest positive change in their lives. I am also passionate about working with the adolescents because there is so much underlying hope and strength in the youth population that I can help bring to the surface.”

She went on to say that of the four NYCID values “resilience” speaks to her the most because she feels that, “each individual’s personal level of resiliency is different; while some are high, others are low – and I believe that everyone has the ability to display resiliency in the face of adversity if they are being empowered by a strong support system.”

We second the notion!

Michael De Vito, Jr.

Associate Executive Director