NYCID’s Young Adult Borough Center (YABC) program recently held a graduation ceremony for this semester’s students. There were 43 Graduates – one of our largest January classes since the program started. The program offers students in danger of dropping out of High School a chance to make up their credits and earn a traditional high school diploma by providing them with a rigorous academic program, tutoring, supportive counseling services, career preparation trainings and paid internships.
Michael Noto, YABC Assistant Principal and Program Administrator said, “we had an amazing number of students for a January Class. The kids worked really hard to make it this time around and this is definitely one of our proudest moments.”
Chantel Cabrera, who was recently appointed as NYCID’s Director of Workforce Initiatives, and the former Program Director of YABC had this to say of the new graduates: “This semester we had a handful of long-standing students who finally met the requirements for graduation after being with the program several semesters. Many difficult conversations, obstacles and resilience has led to today. Being witness to students achieving their goal is really humbling and the reason I do this work. “
Michael DeVito Jr, NYCID’s Associate Executive Director said, “The YABC program continues to be a place where young people can achieve and excel despite their setbacks. Our team is one of best in the city and we are so grateful to have the trust of our partners at the Department of Education and more importantly the trust of the students and their families.”
The Perseverance Award went to Jovany Lopez. Student Amato Vasquez was awarded with the Most Improved Student Award. The Professional Development Award went to student intern Yamilette Sosa. Ms. Sosa was hired by her internship site, the Pleasant Plains Animal Hospital, full time.
Congratulations to our 43 amazing graduates:

Frank Azzato, IV
Christina Barton
Tre Tyreece Charles
Leonardo Colmenero
Michael Conti
Tahjane Curb
Thomas Dalessandro
David Davidov
Thomas Dipalo
Tyler Duranteau
Steven Finnegan
Narci Gilmore
Brandon Hernandez
Alex Jimenez
Jose Jimenez
Jason Johnson
Vanesa Liang
Anibal Lopez
Jovany Lopez
Drew Mcauley
Jada Merino
Eric Moran
Robert O’Riley
Tsubon Pen
Maria Pina
Collette Piscopo
Adrina Pogorzeiski
Shakira Pollins
Michael Rodriguez
Alexander Rosado
Ginamarie Santa
Hanan Gabriella Sartzis Haj
Fahad Sheikh
Yamilette Sosa
Luis Tapia-Germosen
Rohan Thaker
Shamar Thompson
Amato Vazquez
Ana Velasco
Destanie White
Erica Williams
Celena Wu
Giselle Zuniga