Joshua (Josh) Meltzer joined the NYCID team in January 2019 as an Advocate Counselor at the Concord High School Learning to Work Program.

He’s a native Staten Islander who went down to Florida for a bit in his teen years only to return as a young man ready for college.  Josh has since earned a degree in Psychology from CSI and a Masters in School Counseling from Brooklyn College.

He told us how passionate he is about counseling because he loves “being there for kids.”  It’s no wonder then that collaboration was the NYCID value he chooses as his stand out. 

Josh says, “I have always collaborated with my friends, colleagues, and co-workers, throughout my internships, and during both my undergraduate and graduate studies.”

When asked about a fun fact to share, we learned that it’s not every day that you get a classic rock fan who is also an emphatic fan of Taylor Swift. 

Rock On, Josh!

Michael De Vito Jr.

Associate Executive Director