On Friday, February 9th, approximately 45 students are expected to graduate from the Young Adult Borough Center (YABC) Program. This is an incredible accomplishment for these students. Before YABC, they previously only had 17 credits, and are now able to obtain a high school diploma. This is the result of their strong determination and the help of NYCID’s YABC.The graduation will be held at Tottenville High School at 5:30pm. They have worked hard on this accomplishment and we are so very proud of them.

The NYC Department of Education has partnered with one NYCID’s youth programs, The Young Adult Borough Center (YABC), in hopes of improving the academic careers of students. Our purpose is to provide students with the necessary tools as an opportunity to make up missed credits and receive a traditional high school diploma. The program offers students tutoring, supportive counseling services, career preparation trainings, and paid internships.

To be eligible, you should be 17.5-21 years old, and must have completed the school year in which you turned 17. You also must have a minimum of 17 course credits, be in the fifth year (or more) of high school, and be enrolled or become enrolled in a NYC high school.

To register, you must talk with a guidance counselor at your current high school as well as complete a Y1 and Y2 form. You also must obtain a copy of your transcript, your immunization records, and locate a YABC convenient to  your home.

Students that are eligible for the program but are not currently enrolled in high school must go to a borough enrollment office to enroll. Our program also offers students the opportunity to work in an internship setting that allows the student to receive college credits as compensation. Students must also attend classes Monday through Thursday from 4-8:30 pm.

Our staff at the YABC are dedicated to supporting our students through graduation, as well as helping them to develop the skills and tools needed to succeed both personally and professionally. Our program is located through Tottenville High School.