Just when you think you’ve tried everything you possibly could to diffuse a situation, you may want to consider seeking NYCID’s mediation program. Mediation is extremely useful for situations involving a dispute, argument, or any type of conflict.These certain conflicts will benefit from a trained facilitator to help you endure that conversation that has been difficult for many different reasons. NYCID offers our own free mediation services to families and the community for most conflict situations.

Our professionally trained mediators include staff, as well as community volunteers. They are able to assist both parties in coming to a logical, reasonable, and mutually acceptable agreement. We are able to provide multilingual mediators if necessary. Lawyers are welcomed to attend mediations, but their attendance is not mandatory, as we encourage parties to speak for themselves. Our mediators are not making your executive decisions for you, but rather encouraging participants to reach their own. The mediation session is completely confidential, ensuring a quick and easy session.

Many people don’t realize that conflict can be extremely healthy for the participants involved. The word “conflict” typically has a negative connotation, but consider that conflict can be a healthy and positive part of our lives. We can learn a great deal about ourselves, as well as the people involved in the conflict. The parties are able to gain insight, improve listening abilities, and hopefully a solution to the issue. Mediation is a healthy and useful way for all parties involved to air out their feelings.

We recognize and understand that all people come from various unique backgrounds, in  which we have developed our own way of managing conflict, which might be different. These skills need to be learned and practiced. They may seem simple, but they are not necessarily easy.  Certainly to read about resolving conflict is one way. The best way is to have opportunity to practice and if it is a coached practice providing feedback, even better.


Become a Mediator

Conflicts are inevitable. No matter how hard we try to avoid a dispute or argument, problems will always arise. Here at NYCID, we train mediators as a third party person who can reasonably and successfully settle a dispute. These mediators are an essential part of finding a solution to any conflict necessary. Our trained third party neutral is ready to assist in any way needed. Any community volunteer can learn how to be a trained mediator themselves. With our 30 hour training course, you can help improve the lives of others by mediating conflicts. Visit our registration page to find which course dates work best for you.

Mediation sessions are extremely useful and beneficial to all parties involved.  Let us help you resolve conflicts in a safe and comfortable setting. We ensure the opportunity for all parties to reach a successful agreement.