It’s a special time here at NYCID. The time for us to announce our first Team Member of the Month of 2023! That’s right, it’s time for us to shine a spotlight on someone who has been doing an amazing job, and really making it work.

Our Team Member of the Month for January 2023 is Miya DeVito, Internship Coordinator at Concord High School and The Staten Island Young Adult Borough Center.

Miya consistently goes above and beyond to ensure that all of her students get whatever they need, every day. She has continually adapted to ever-changing circumstances and does so with creativity, professionalism, and dedication. She is not only a valuable member of the team, but a true leader. Miya recently started working at her second NYCID program, Concord High School and she hit the ground running. She has been exceptional at managing the interns, communicating with the team effectively and instituting new tools into the program.

Miya exhibits NYCID’s core values of resilience and accountability in her daily interactions. No matter what the challenge presented, she can always be depended on to follow through and produce exemplary results. Miya is driven and able to overcome any obstacle in her place!

The ceremony for Miya’s award was a little different from how we normally present Team Member of the Month. The ceremony took place during the winter graduation for students at the Staten Island Young Adult Borough Center! It was a surprise to almost everyone in attendance in the Tottneville High School auditorium. After the student awards were presented, but before diplomas were handed out, NYCID executive Director Michael DeVito Jr stepped up to the podium for what would be one of the highlights of the night. He spoke about how at NYCID we love showing how much we appreciate our employees and that it is important to make sure they are recognized. He brought Miya on stage and all of her students cheered as she was honored.

Congratulations Miya, you earned it!