youthShomie Jones story/YABC Participant

After I found out that I wasn’t going to graduate I was depressed and did not know what I was going to do next. Then my mother told me about YABC.

I will never forget my first day of YABC because that’s the day when I started to feel hope again. Michael De Vito Jr. offered me an internship at a new school PS 48. He said to me “just by looking at you I can tell you are going to be perfect for this job.”

Now I am starting college this fall and I will be majoring in Early Childhood Education with the goal of becoming a Teacher. So I am truly blessed for the opportunities that were handed to me by The Center.

The YABC program gave me the chance to take control of my life. The Center helped me understand that it’s not when you receive your diploma that matters. What matters is that you have it.

ABC Program Overview:

The YABC program (Young Adult Borough Center) located at Tottenville H.S provides students the opportunity to make up their credits and earn a traditional H.S. Diploma providing them with a rigorous academic program, tutoring, internships, career preparation and supportive counseling services.

YABC Program Eligibility

Students must have already completed 4 years of H.S. have 17 credits and be 17 ½ years old.

For more information about the YABC program contact us at 718-947-4065 or email at [email protected]