unnamedMichael De Vito, Jr is an example of setting goals and reaching them. He achieved his personal best time in the recent Boston Marathon.

“Running has taught me to stay focused on the present,” said Michael when reflecting on his approach to training for a marathon as it relates to the work he does for all the students enrolled in NYCID’s YABC program at Tottenville High School.

“The idea of staying focused on the present is a huge talking point with my students. At YABC we often say that success is not a single moment but the result of a ton of choices you make each day. My staff and I use this saying often. You are here, be present.”

“My commitment as a runner has allowed me to show my students that with all my responsibilities- both work and at home I told myself personally accountable each day to reach my dream of being a nationally recognized Masters Marathoner.”

Michael was featured in a NY1 News piece that appeared before the Boston Marathon sharing his thoughts on the one year anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing.

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*Photo credit from SI Live