Dave Frankel & Bob Lurie

CDRC Volunteer Mediators

It is because of volunteers like Bob and Dave that NYCID is able to offer free mediation services to the residents of Staten Island. NYCID relies on the generosity of our volunteers to take time out of their busy lives to mediate our cases which are held mostly in the evenings after a long day’s work. Mediators are volunteers, and do not get paid for their services. To become a certified mediator, individuals pay to attend a 30 hour training after which they are required to put in about 100 hours of service while they apprentice and build their skills to meet our highly quality standards. Once certified, mediators are then required to attend ongoing trainings (at their own personal expense) to be able to mediate special cases (special education, early intervention, parenting, divorce, and others).

Dave consistently makes himself available to mediate both Community and Small Claims cases. Bob continues to mediate with families through the Family Court program.

We are grateful to both Bob and Dave and applaud all our wonderful volunteers for their time and commitment to NYCID and our Staten Island community.

Dave and Bob share some thoughts on mediation…

“Mediation gives us a chance to work with people in a creative way to resolve conflicts”

“Mediation is an organized way to think of conflict and helps parties work together to resolve their own problems”

“Participants learn to listen more and give their own views more scrutiny”

“Very often, mediation is the first time that parties have spoken with each other in a long time”

For more information on becoming a mediator or to learn more about the mediation programs offered at NYCID visit our website at www.nycid.org and/or call Liz Bonici at 718-947-4036