NYCID always needs people to help the people of the community. Our Training Institute provides people of the community with the skills they need to design and develop sessions and workshops to serve the needs of our staff and clients. The Training Institute facilitators provide the experience and knowledge that can help you learn concepts, techniques, and strategies that can assist in both the professional world and your personal life. NYCID’s Training Institute can bring you the skills you need for conflict management and youth development, in a fun and exciting learning setting. 
    The Training Institute trains community members in a multitude of programs. Our courses include: Training for Mediators and Conflict Management Professionals, Training for Organizations and Businesses, Community-Based Trainings, Trainings for Youth Development Professionals, Trainings for Public and Private Schools, Peer Mediation Program Design, Training & Implementation, Staff Development for Schools and Youth Service Organizations, Parent A.C.T. Trainings – Assisting Children Through Transition. We can even customize programs that are developed to suit your specific training needs.
    For more information on our amazing training programs, contact Elizabeth Bonici, Assistant Director of Conflict Resolution Services at (718)-947-4036 or [email protected]