Hey team! Meet Pierre Deshauturus.  

Brother Pierre is our newest Social Worker at Port Richmond’s After School Advantage Program.  

Last week, I had the chance to shake Pierre’s hand at the school while he was helping a few students.   As he engaged, I could tell from the demeanor of the kids that Mr. Deshauturus has a unique approach to his work as a French and Spanish Speaking LMSW.  

Pierre promotes accountability because he believes that his word is his bond.   Our work is about trust, respect, and understanding and in that moment, he had all of those values spinning like windmills.

Originally, from Haiti, Pierre grew up in Williamsburg and now lives in Livingston, Staten Island.   He is a family-first kind of man, who loves traveling, music, and working with people. He is passionate about the theater.

He believes that what you do and how you do it, determines the person you are.  

Pierre has done quite a bit in life.  He attended public school until the fifth grade then transferred to St. Mary’s.  He graduated from Bishop Loughlin in Brooklyn, attend NY Tech which used to be Queens College and got his undergraduate degree from SUNY Empire State.  His MSW was earned at New York University.

When asked about fun things we needed to know about him, Pierre shared that while he loves a good joke and wants to travel enough to see the world, he truly is an adventurous guy because he will literally try any food once!  

So let’s end with this, he once ate giant caterpillars from the Congo.