olympus graduation picThe New York Center for Interpersonal Development’s Olympus Academy High School graduated 40 students in a June graduation ceremony followed by a celebration dinner. Surrounded by family, friends, teachers, and mentors, each of the 40 students of the academy received their high school diploma last month.

NYCID partners with the NYC Department of Education and Olympus Academy to assist and support high-risk high school students that had not been successful in a traditional high school setting to have another opportunity to obtain their High School Diploma and consider their future after graduation.

Olympus Academy is a New York City Department of Education Transfer High School located in Canarsie, Brooklyn. The school specializes in working with students’ ages 16-20 years old that are under credited. Through creative educational approaches and a dynamic team the school is able to provide a learning environment that nurtures personal growth and academic success.

The school hosts a Learning-to-Work program. This program pays students that are placed in organizations and businesses to gain valuable work experience. Students are to be given the opportunity to be mentored and/or supervised, learn about the organization and its structure, vision and purpose, participate in the delivery of services and activities, attend team meetings, evaluate and review services, make recommendations, and receive training specific to the job placement.