mediationThe New York Center for Interpersonal Development works together with individuals and families in mediation. Mediation is a process that enables persons in conflict to come together to create their own mutually acceptable agreements. A trained third-party neutral known as a mediator assists the parties in coming up with possible solutions to their dispute. Mediation provides an opportunity for parties to resolve their differences in a comfortable, informal setting, and to do so quickly and conveniently. Each person is encouraged to tell his own story in his own way. Acknowledging emotions promotes movement towards settlement. Going over both legal and personal issues can assist you develop a new understanding of yourself and the other person.

Participants in mediation have higher satisfaction rates than people who go to court. Because of their active involvement, they have a higher commitment to upholding the settlement than people who have a judge decide for them. Mediations end in agreement 70 to 80% of the time and have high rates of compliance.

Our mediators are professionally trained facilitators, including both program staff members and community volunteers, with significant mediation experience. They are ready to listen and take the time to help all the parties involved to reach acceptable agreements. Mediators do not act as judges or decision makers. Rather, they empower people to resolve disputes for themselves.

Men, women and families of every age, race, ethnic background, income and education level are served by the program. Mediators can be provided for people who speak languages other than English. People may come to the mediation center on their own or through referrals made by the court system, law enforcement agencies, employers, lawyers, the clergy or other public and private agencies.

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