We are ready!  Ready to give it up for our team that is! 

As the end of March is slowly but surely approaching we are taking the time to recognize an extraordinary NYCID team member.  That’s right, it’s time for another NYCID Team Member of the Month award. Each month we pick a team member from one of our programs who truly exhibits NYCID’s core values in all the work that we do.

For February 2021 we have chosen Steven Serrano, Licensed Mental Health Counselor at Seth Low Junior High.  Steven’s presence at Seth Low has allowed NYCID to provide quality mental health counseling. He provides each student with the safe environment required to address their individual needs.  Steven Advocates for all of his students to ensure they are taken care of in all aspects of life whether it be socially, medically, or academically.  He has been consistently reliable and excellent in dealing with outside agencies and responding well to supervision.  He has shown NYCID’s core value of collaboration, always reaching out and working together with his supervisors and staff to solve problems.

Yesterday we gathered virtually as Steven was presented with his award.  On the call was NYCID CEO Candace Gonzalez, Associate Executive Director Michael DeVito Jr, Community School Director Michael Candella, Director of Community Development Tara Howard, and Communications Associate Adam Derer.  Once everyone was settled in Devito Announced that Serrano was Team Member of the Month for February 2021 and read him his certificate.  DeVito also virtually presented NYCID’s iconic golden dove statue, symbolizing all that he has accomplished.  After a raucous round of applause. Serrano spoke about the time he has spent at NYCID.  He said that even though NYCID serves in New York City, there is still a hometown feel to the organization.  He noted that his 5 years at Seth Low Junior High have been nothing but warm and wonderful.

Congratulations Steven, you earned it!