youthWinston applied to Olympus Academy shortly after moving to the United States from Jamaica 2 years ago. He had zero credits and needed to start from scratch. He worked hard each day coming in early and staying after school. He had little hiccups along the way but always remained close with staff and allowed us to guide him along the way. Winston finally graduated in March 2014 and will be attending college this fall. He stated, “words could not explain his feelings and he feels accomplished.”

The students at Olympus Academy have a great connection with the staff which makes us all enjoy school so much more. I feel accomplished in life now. I want to leave a positive energy for future Olympus Graduates and I want them to pay attention, be respectful and work hard and they too will succeed.

Olympus Academy is a Brooklyn based program which serves NY City students 16-21 who are over-aged and under-credited. It is a transfer school run by a partnership between NYCID and the Department of Education.

For more information on Olympus Academy visit our website at and/or call Diana Molina at 718-272-1926 ext 1158