Last Week Borough President James Oddo visited Concord High School to officially show off the new Concord Re-Envisioned Initiative.

Members of the Press and school Leaders gathered as Oddo, Concord Principle Michael Sobel, and NYCID Associate Executive Director Michael DeVito Jr spoke about how this initiative will help the school. Concord will receive $1.1 Million from the Borough President’s Office through this initiative. They plan to use the money to completely renovate the school’s kitchen so it can be used for instructional purposes, as well as adding a cosmetology studio in the school’s basement. A graphic design and carpentry program are already available to the students.

“We have had the honor as an organization to serve our community with these re-engagement efforts for more than 2 decades” Said DeVito who later acknowledged Oddo’s dedication to Concord High School.

We are so sure that our team will continue to provide the students of Concord with the support and opportunities they deserve.