On Tuesday, June 28th, the 57 students of our Staten Island Young Adult Borough Center (SIYABC) program graduated. We are very proud of them for all their accomplishments during the program and wish them best of luck for the future.
The students in the YABC program are those who were either struggling to go to high school or have missed out on graduating in the past. The YABC program provided them with opportunities to finish high school and become better citizens. They even graduate with a diploma from their own high school. The students that participated in the year long program have achieved a lot to get to the graduation.
The SIYABC program brings struggling students together with smaller class sizes, flexible scheduling, and individually tailored programs to help them earn their diplomas. But, it also prepare them for life outside of the classroom; with career and college advisement, career and personal growth workshops, internship opportunities, and individual counseling.
To see the New York One Coverage of the graduation, click here. To find out more about eligibility to next year’s YABC program, click here.