Teacher Giving Personal Instruction To Female StudentIn partnership with the NYC Department of Education, the Young Adult Borough Center (YABC), located at Tottenville High School, offers students in danger of dropping out a chance to make up their credits during the evening hours.  Students will earn a traditional high school diploma and will be provided with rigorous academic program, tutoring, supportive counseling services, career preparation trainings and paid internships. NYCID’s staff at the YABC is dedicated to supporting their students through graduation, helping them to develop the skills and tools needed to succeed both personally and professionally.

The needs and potential of young people guide the design of the YABC program, which incorporates the vital elements of youth development-a safe and welcoming environment, caring and sustained relationships with adults, experiences that build crucial skills and knowledge, meaningful roles, and opportunities to make a difference.

YABC’s Student academic programs are exclusively tailored to fulfill the course requirements they exactly need to earn a high school diploma. YABC’s also offers the same academics that students would get in their day schools, combining traditional curricula, project-based learning, and dedicated test preparation. The instructional program is designed to ensure that young people complete the coursework, learn the material, and acquire higher-order thinking skills.

To be eligible, you should:

Be 17.5-21 years old (Students must have completed the school year in which they turn 17. The school year begins July 1st),

·        Have a minimum of 17 course credits

·        Be in the fifth year (or more) of high school

·        Be enrolled or become enrolled in a NYC high school

For more information, contact

Michael J. De Vito, Director at 718-317-5761 ex. 1 or email at [email protected].

Matthew Ominelli, Assistant Director at 718-317-5761 ex. 2 or email at [email protected]