Adolescent youth of NYCID’s SONYC (Schools out NYC)  program have created their own collaborative group who share a passion for creating a positive influence on Staten Island. The group is an accumulation of students from the Service Learning, the Art, and the Photography programs. Together, they form the S.L.A.P.

These students came together to lend a helping hand, while working with Project Hospitality. They served food that had been donated by restaurants within the community. They also provided arts and crafts, and photographed families with hopes to brighten the holiday season for families affected by Hurricane Maria.The students continued to learn and express their creativity while some photographed the pictures, artists design the wonderland themed backdrops, and served food, desserts, and hot chocolate.

“Our mission statement is to provide a memorable service to all those who are underserved in communities in need. As adolescents, we are learning at an early age the importance of supportive and inspirational services. Especially to those who are homeless and at-risk.”