NYCID’s FFS After-Care program held an Art Enrichment Activity for kindergarten students, in effort to help and encourage one another.

Since these students are so young, it is crucial to establish routines and teach them the standards they are expected to met. The children worked together to help each other with their one hour time frame, in effort to move into their enrichment activities in a more timely manner. The students held accountability by assisting their classmates as well as working independently on the tasks they are able to perform without much help. They also learned the responsibility of bringing in their homework efficiently, completed, and on time. Their Group Leader, Ms Cristina, later checked and reviewed the students work. The children exhibited their resilience in encouraging one another to complete their schoolwork.

As a reward for their diligence, Ms Cristina allowed the students to complete a spring themed craft, with her assistance. The children significantly portrayed NYCID’s values, (Collaboration, resilience, and accountability) while learning.

For more information on the program, contact:  Nicole Kunz- Director After-Care @ SISCL; [email protected]; 347-408-9004