It’s that exciting time of the month again – time to announce the NYCID Team Member of the Month for March!

Every month, we like to take the time to recognize a team member from one of our programs who embodies NYCID’s core values in all the work that we do. 

For March 2021, we have chosen Lendita Drenica, a teacher in the SONYC Program at PS 48. She works tirelessly to make her classroom engaging and fun for all of her students. Despite the challenges of managing both in person and online classes, Lendita continues to create amazing lessons for her students to learn and grow, while also running the virtual camera class. She truly represents NYCID’s core value of resiliency, constantly updating her lessons so the transition from virtual learning to in-person is seamless. 

On Thursday April 29th we gathered virtually with Associate Executive Director Micheal Devito Jr. CEO Candance Gonzalez, Community School Director Michael Candella, Senior Director of After School Programs Ivy Bilotti, and SONYC After School Program Director Emily Marks. Marks and Drenica joined from their class room as they soon found out what the call was about. DeVito began to speak about NYCID’s core value of recognition and why we take the time each month to recognize an extraordinary Team Member. He presented her the certificate (pictured below) and showed off the iconic NYCID Golden Dove.  After a round of applause, Drenica spoke about how she was so grateful to be receiving the award and even though she didn’t need the recognition she appreciated it. Her love of the job and her students is what makes it all worth it for her.

Congratulations Lendita, you truly exhibit NYCID’s core values!