As an organization committed to restorative practices and the peaceful resolution of conflict, we condemn the heinous actions of the police in Minneapolis and we stand arm-in-arm with our community to say this cannot be tolerated again.

As a community we are all too familiar with the plea, “I can’t breathe.” Again, this phrase pierces our ears and even when we turn away because we cannot watch another video of a human soul’s life distinguished, we know we must be committed to affecting change.

Every American must want better for our country. As we together need justice to be served, we must together work to communicate better to get to the root of racism and eliminate it once and for all.

This action reveals how racism is a disease which requires a remedy of acceptance, awareness, and empathy.

Together, we mourn George Floyd. We grieve with his family and we remain committed to helping our community find ways to heal and process their anger, grief, and trauma.