In Memory of Salvatore Panepinto

16307820-smallSalvatore (Sam) Panepinto, 87 Passed away Sunday, November 9th 2014. He was the founder of YPIS, now known as New York Center for Interpersonal Development,. Sam started the mediation and youth programs we know today at NYCID. He recognized and responded to the growing youth substance abuse issues back in the early 70s and pioneered many of the NYCID programs we have now. Conflict Resolution for youths and community development programs by NYCID are now serving thousands of youths and families due to Sam's innovative and forward thinking ideas.

Mr Panepinto was born in Philadelphia, PA. He was in listed in the Army in WW II. He was injured while serving and was wheelchair ridden after that. In spite of his physical disabilities, Sam outlived doctors predictions by over 57 years while creating a better life for youths and families on and around Staten Island. Mr Panepinto's organization helped combat teen drug problems in the 70s. From then until now the organization concentrated its efforts on conflict resolution and assisted the criminal justice system heavily on Staten Island. Youth development was an natural enhancement to the organization. YPIS started its first peer mediation program in 1986 starting with Curtis High School and spreading to many others. From 1999-2000 there were 718 sessions attended, helping over 1,600 students to resolve conflicts. Today NYCID offers mediation which allows people in conflict to come together and create their own mutually acceptable agreements. Mediator training is also available. There is a comprehensive training institute for youth development professionals, peer mediation, staff development for youth service organizations, Parent ACT training, and more. Supervised visitations are offered by NYCID. After School and summer enrichment programs are also available today.

All of these programs stemmed from the original thoughts of Salvatore Panepinto, a visionary for youth and community development. He will be sorely missed.