The New York Center for Interpersonal Development (NYCID) held its first annual Walk-A-Thon last week to raise funds for their programs that help improve the lives of those in our community. Over 150 people came out to show their support at Port Richmond High School. The running track was filled with people for the event, and the field held games and rides for the kids. A few members of the community were honored for their service to Staten Island and it’s people. Those honored were:


  • Elijah Dunn (Olympus Academy)
  • Jason Ericson, Zahra Khan, & Stephen Caifa from P.S. 9
  • Angela O’Toole & Maureen Keuchenmeister from P.S. 30
  • Tannea Mangin, Keith Quirke, Adrienne Brotman , & Diane Ziel from (P.S. 48)
  • Robert Busan, Nicole Kunz, & Jessica Tamayo from SISCL
  • Arlinda Lela from P.S. 62
  • Meggin Juraska & Christine Viola from P.S. 59
  • Vinnie Medugno from Port Richmond High School
  • Theresa Doyle from YABC

These individuals showed outstanding service for the community, each in their own way.
It is thanks to people coming out to support NYCID at our events that allows us to impact the lives of thousands each year. Our wide variety of programs allow students to stay on the right track, families to stay together, people get mental health counseling, and more. Our Young Adult Borough center helps over 200 struggling students annually graduate from high school with career mentorships and job opportunities ahead. Our mediation programs help people of all ages to find deeper issues and personal solutions to their problems.

Our programs provide training for community members to become community leaders. But our community organization needs community action. With your help we can make a change for a better. Support the Staten Island by helping us better the lives of our youth. Thank you to all who supported us in the past and those who will help us, and Staten Island, in the future.