The New York Center for Interpersonal Development’s YABC program is offering internships for students to experience the workplace. Not only does the student benefit from this great opportunity, but the company itself. Hiring interns for your company has many benefits including:

Interns offer innovative ideas, particularly on the use of technology. Many of the students today are tech-savvy. They are able to figure out how your business should use social media to engage your customers and bringing in new clients.

Interns provide energy and viewpoints to companies. After doing things the same way year after year, many employers realize the interns refreshing ideas about doing something a different way that nobody else recognized. Interns are encouraged to speak their minds in a modest way after they’ve been on the job for quite a while.

Instead of your normal staff putting things on hold due to their time constraints, interns can focus and work on those projects. Your regular full time employees are continuously working on a variety of projects every day. No one has the ability to do the researching or other tedious jobs. A student intern is great for that because she/he can really dig in, do the analysis and put together the report.

Having an intern in your business is a great way to give younger employees supervisory or mentoring experience. Start training your next group of managers by giving a younger employee an intern to guide.

Having interns around the workplace keeps your regular employees on its toes. Your employees want to be a good example for the students. The students will ask a great deal of questions, and your employees want to be able to deliver answers and share their knowledge and understanding.

YABC interns can

-Work up to 15 hours per week

-Be available for am hours & peek weekend hours

-Provide temporary assistance for your business.

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