It’s that time again! Time for NYCID’s “Team Member of the Month” award, that is. This is the moment when we take the time to acknowledge one of our team members who has been doing extraordinary work. Although many people throughout our organization stepped up to the task when we were switching to remote setups, only one could be March’s Team Member of the Month.

For the month of March we have selected Katie Cole, Training Development Specialist from our conflict management team. Katie has shown, not only throughout the month but her entire time with NYCID, that she is more than willing to put in extra effort to make sure the job gets done. Before Katie was hired as a full time staff member, she was a volunteer in the mediator pool, taking the ferry after a full day of work to help our team with mediations. When a position opened up everyone knew that she was the perfect fit for the job. Katie has a deep care about human connection and believes that if we can just understand each other so much conflict can be avoided.



Today we took the time to present the award to Katie through a Google meeting with our CEO Candace Gonzalez, Associate Director Michael DeVito Jr., and the entire conflict Management team. Michael Devito announced that Katie would be March’s Team Member of the Month and she was delighted and surprised as she received a round of applause and congratulations from everyone. Michael then read aloud from the certificate below about why Katie is such a great team member and why she is deserving of this award. After that Katie was presented with the coveted NYCID golden dove which she will be able to pick up when social distancing protocols are lifted. The rest of the conflict management team then revealed handmade signs showing their appreciation for Katie which can be seen in the screenshot below.

Thank you Katie for all that you do for our organization and continue to improve lives through restorative justice and conflict resolution!